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Mining Equipment

We produce equipment for mines

Nikopol Crane plant produces a wide range of products which are in demand in the liquid core shopping areas of the country.
The company manufactures mining equipment for various purposes. The list of products riveted and welded cage. For this kind of products the company has a patent and a certificate of quality. Willing to put mine collapsible stand too proprietary and certified certificate of conformity.

Mining equipment for innovative technologies

The proposed mining equipment produced by innovative technologies from durable standardized material. As a result, customers have the unique equipment to guarantee safe operation, so that is especially important in this industry. The list of products included skips with bodies rejected, and skips to the gates of the sector.
For the release of mining equipment formed specialized teams whose members are highly trained specialists. At each work cycle set strict control over the quality of work performed. Throughout the chain assembly removed personal responsibility, which has a positive effect on the quality of assembly units.

Mining equipment for individual orders

Produced by mining equipment can be performed on individual draws with the proposed additions. This experience in the production of run-of skips for lifting with multi-channel gate valve. And to perform other important orders. For example, the circular STALL.
Each order is for the production of mining equipment company with a contract for customers. They specifically negotiated terms of production and delivery of products to the consumer. The company guarantees the complete fulfillment of contractual obligations by all its points. Such a policy of respect for customers formed long ago and is constantly being improved.

Mining equipment of the highest quality
Nikopol Crane plant mastered new types of products, which also apply to mining equipment. Its list up dispensers, components for electric, unique hydraulic suspension products used in the multiple-lift. This and other products of the highest quality. In this time to make a lot of our regular customers who have successfully exploit effective and very safe mining equipment in particularly aggressive environments.

We also produce metal and non-standard equipment