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NIKOPOL Crane Plant


TOWER CRANES time-tested

"Nikopol Crane Plant" is known in Ukraine and abroad as a specialized enterprise producing tower cranes and other lifting mechanisms.
Company history began in 1885 when brothers Karshevskie opened in Nikopol forging and locksmith's shop, which soon turned into a small factory for the production of agricultural implements and machinery. By the early twentieth century, it was already the company, including mechanical and foundries equipped with advanced technology.
According to its technical equipment, mechanization of labor-intensive processes, production volume plant was one of the best heavy machinery plants of the country and had a unique experience in the supply of its products for all buildings of the former USSR.
Since the 50s the plant began to master the production of mast lifts and cranes. The first prototype of the T-128 crane lifting capacity of 1.5-3 tons was produced at the end of 1950
Since the 70s tower cranes were the main products of the company. In 1979, the plant was given a new name - "Nikopol Crane Works".
For 20 years, was released more than 10,000 cranes KB-306, 4000 - KB-308D, 2300 crane tower loggers KB-572, 1200 - KB-674 and its modifications - unique cranes for high-rise industrial and civil construction, as well as 2,000 - passenger elevators.
Due to the fact that the tower cranes of our company continue to be in high demand, since 2005, the company resumed production of tower cranes KB-308A, KB-572B, CB-674, CB-676.
In 2006, production was started full-circle self-erecting tower crane KBM-401P.
Nowadays, the production base of the company consists of:
production in manufacturing and machining of metal structures;
machining production;
repair and mechanical production;
motor transport section;
"Nikopol Crane Plant" - is a company that produces high quality products at the optimum time.
Our staff - a team of professional and experienced professionals whose work focused on the end result.
Our products are developed individually for a specific type of work, reliability, and quality are time tested.
Today the product range of our company includes:

tower cranes: KB-308A, KB-308D, KBM-401P, CB-674, CB-676, CB-572B, as well as spare parts for them;
crane: KR-308D, as well as spare parts;    
lifting mechanisms: - winch LS-125 self-propelled;
mining and metallurgical equipment: screens, feeders, conveyors;
machine for dispensing beam ductubel and other non-standard equipment
metal frames, building steel structures according to individual customer's drawings;
casting a specialized art. 110G13L with subsequent mechanical processing, steel, cast iron.
also mastered a co-production with "Podemtransmash" Zhovti Vody  , Ukraine: - electric bridge cranes g / n - 5-40 tons - gantry container crane - port loading machines capacity of 450 t / h - catheads g / § 0.5 - 12 tonnes, - low-voltage equipment with voltage up to 1000 volts.
        "Resolution №174.09.15-29.22.1" to perform works with Advanced Security:
        - The controller series KKPu and KKTu;
        - Blocks resistors series BC, B6, CBF (crane);
        - Unified seat;
        - Cabin crane control;
        - Chair-control unit;
        - Input Panel and protection PZKM and PZKB, performance panels 1P21.
 To ensure the quality of the company operating the factory certified laboratory, such as:
Environmental Laboratory;
Laboratory of industrial hygiene;
chemical laboratory;
mechanical laboratory;
 The company guarantees:
individual approach to each customer;
rational use of metal cutting in mass;
manufacture of complex parts according to customer drawings;
performance of individual orders;
flexible system of discounts;
Optional: metal fabrication