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Services machining and plasma cutting


The enterprise has a unique hardware on which it is possible to produce works of varying complexity:

  • Machining of metal:
  1. Turning jobs, starting with small parts from 1 kg to 10 tons, with a diameter up to 600 mm long parts up to 4800 mm diameter and 1000 mm long parts up to 300 mm.
  2. Machining on vertical lathes with diameters from 800 mm to 4000 mm, 2000 mm height, weighing up to 8 tons.
  3. Milling and boring work on horizontal boring machines up to 2000 mm, length 3000 mm, depth of bore surface to 900 mm, up to 8 m .; on a vertical milling machine length from 10 mm to 1600 mm, width 700 mm.
  4. Drilling work on the details of diameter up to 2000 mm.
  5. Work on presses increased from 50 tons to 250 tons .: with metal thickness of 1 mm to 30 mm, with dimensions of 1800mm x 600mm .; fabrication work grooved sheet thickness of 3 mm, width 800 mm, with 30 mm cell.
  6. Cutting sheets shears with subsequent editing on the right machine up to 20 mm, width 2300 mm, length 900 mm.
  7. Cutting of rolled metal on bandsaw machines diameter up to 300 mm, 300x300 square, rectangle 300h400 mm.
  8. Processing of parts on grinding machines with diameter up to 200 mm and lengths up to 700 mm.
  9. Grinding machine intragrinding holes on a diameter of 15 mm and a length of 300 mm to 200 mm.
  10. Cutting teeth on the gear hobbing machine for parts with diameter up to 500 mm, cutting bevel gears with diameter up to 300 mm (tooth module up to 30 mm), cutting tooth bevel gears (up to Module 8).
  11. Sanding and planing work on milling machines prism, square the circle et al., (Grinding machine frame width up to 1200 mm length up to 6000 mm).
  12. Bending the sheet with a thickness of 10 mm, a width of 2200 mm to bending.
  13. Seaming the metal thickness from 1 mm to 20 mm, a width of 2100 mm.
  14. Chamfering for welding work on the machine kromkoskalyvayuschem width up to 2000 mm.
  15. Services Plasma cutting of metal.


  • Heat treatment of steel parts up to 200 kg with the quenching temperature to 1100 ° C, sorbitizing crane wheels and parts to 700 mm in diameter.
  • Restoration and repair of tower cranes of our production to delivery to the customer it to our company;


An important place in the production process of our company takes foundry specialized in the art. 110G13L followed by machining, as well as:


  • Steel castings - has a production capacity 26,500 tons. per year. One is the component parts for filling machines (DC-link 1514 movie D-18, trough) and other equipment, such as tile P2, bearing housings, cast lining ICHHZT.
  • Iron casting - production capacity is 32,800 tons per year, takes orders for castings made of gray and ductile cast iron. Also molded parts according to customer drawings of steels 25L, 35L, 45L, and are heat-treated.
  • The products are manufactured according to the specifications and has a certificate of quality.


To ensure the quality of their services you can offer certified factory laboratory:


Environmental Laboratory

(Attestation certificate number PE 0114/2011 valid until 01.25.2014, issued by the State Enterprise "Krivoy Rog Research and Production Center of Standardization, Metrology and Certification") performs the following tests:
  • stormwater and wastewater to 19 ingredients;
  • produces performance measurements;
  • measurements of ventilation;
  • performs measurements of concentrations of pollutants from stationary sources of air emissions to 6 ingredients;


Laboratory of Industrial Sanitation

(Attestation certificate number PE 0113/2011 valid until 04.06.2013, issued by the State Enterprise "Krivoy Rog Research and Production Center of Standardization, Metrology and Certification") performs the following:
  • analyzes of workplace air by 38 ingredients;
  • measurements of noise and vibration in the workplace;
  • intensity measurements of the infrared radiation;

Chemical Laboratory

  • determination of the chemical composition of the steel and cast iron spectral and chemical methods;

Mechanical Laboratory

  • mechanical testing, the impact strength
  • tensile strength,
  • elongation
  • narrowing,
  • hardness.


Services Plasma cutting of metal




Services Plasma cutting of metal prices on 15.06.2013g .:

  • The maximum dimensions of sheet metal - 2000h8000 mm;
  • precision plasma cutting: + - 0.25 mm;
  • distance equal to the thickness of metal parts, but no less than 6 mm;
  • distance from the edge to the details of at least 10 mm;

 The advantages of plasma cutting:

  • the possibility of complex shaped notch;
  • high purity and quality of the cut surface;
  • lack of heat blanks, due to local heating and small;
Cutting length, m Thickness of metal, mm
4-6 mm 7-10 mm 11-16 mm 17-20 mm 21-25 mm 26-30 mm
1-50 20,8 22,2 24,36 26,18 29,12 37,8
51-100 19,76 21,09 23,14 24,87 27,66 35,91
101-300 18,72 19,98 21,92 23,56 26,21 34,02
301-1000 17,68 18,87 20,71 22,25 24,75 32,13
over 1,000 16,64 17,76 19,49 20,94 23,30 30,24
The cost of burning metal, UAH. / Pcs. 0,88 1,96 2,45 3,12 8,20 10,70

We also manufacture mining equipment